2017 Toyota Tundra

  • 2017 Toyota Tundra

    Toyota Tundra
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    • Changed the engine oil and filter, changed the drain plug washer and torqued it. Filled engine oil and checked level. Reset maintenance reminder, replaced windshield wipers, topped up washer fluid and all other fluids are fine. Wipers leave a streak on the way up but clear the windshield on the way down like old ones, no noise though.
    • Completed drain and fill of transmission fluid. Made sure to run through procedure and adjust fluid level at proper temperature. Test drove to make sure the transmission shifts smoothly still and it does.
    • Completed drain and fill of the front and rear differential. Made sure to replace the drain plug washers and torque the plugs. No leaks. Also drained an refilled the transfer case.
    • Completed brake fluid flush, made sure to adjust fluid level to roughly where it was upon arrival. Rotated tires and torqued lug nuts, made sure to check tire pressures.
    • Completed replacement of the front and rear pads and rotors. made sure to torque all hardware on install. Greased slide pins in the rear (there are no front slide pins). Made sure to torque lug nuts and test drive to bed the pads in.
    • Replaced all of the spark plugs, made sure to torque them to spec. No misfires or lights afterwards.
    • Cabin air filter was replaced, engine air filter was not needed yet.
    Jarman S. gave our service a 5 star review on 12/7/2023


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