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  • 2015 Acura TLX

    Acura TLX
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    • Front brakes are over 60% pad life (outer) and rotors are in OK condition. Rear brakes are around 50% pad life left, rotors are in OK condition. Brakes are not needing replacement at this time. Tires are in very good condition, TPMS light o/a. DS rear tire was at 25psi, filled to 35psi no more TPMS light. Valve cover gasket is leaking badly and should be replaced soon. Engine is very messy from leak, recommend pressure wash after gasket is fixed to check for any additional leaks. Recommend serpentine belt at next service. Test drove vehicle, no obvious issues or strange noises. Brakes have very slight vibration coming off hwy speed, but not enough to warrant replacement at this time.
    • Removed valve cover and replaced gasket. Replaced spark plugs and torqued to spec per Honda. Cleaned engine from top and bottom side, used small dabs of silicone on corners of gasket. Ran on lift to ensure no further leaks from valve cover present.
    • Replaced engine air filter and cabin air filter
    • Changed engine oil and filter, set level to top of dip stick. Recommend checking engine oil every gas fill up and bringing car back after a couple weeks of driving to check for any other oil leaks. Replaced serpentine belt.
    Stacy H. gave our service a 5 star review on 1/29/2022