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  • 2018 Nissan Rogue

    Nissan Rogue
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Battery passed CCa rating test, starting test, and both load/no load tests. 14.5 volts Engine bay dirty, recommend some cleaning, washing to make it easier to work on. Cabin and air filter will need replacement sooner than normal under dirt road driving conditions. Fluid levels OK, Tires set @37 psi as per customers setting on arrival
    • Oil and filter changed. New drain plug washer. Reset oil reminder Added washer fluid and set tire pressures.
    • Air filter changed. Perfect timing, as old 1 was real dirty. Cabin air filter was due as well. Replaced.
    Tonya M. gave our service a 5 star review on 12/2/2022
  • 2012 Nissan Pathfinder

    Nissan Pathfinder
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Gas light is on – low light warning on dash display. Battery was low and vehicle will not crank over. Moved into shop and put on battery charged and attempted to scan obd2. Cannot communicate via obd2 – need to get port working to be able to see engine data or faults. Even with full charge engine will not crank over. Suspect electrical issues – need to check fuses and relays for fuel pump/sensor circuit etc. Verified all related fuses are OK – no blown fuses found. Confirmed power at battery terminal and fuseble links – OK. Key on radiator fan on full is a fail safe for when there is no communication with the engine ECU. Also means no CANBUS communication with ECU. Since no comm at OBD2 port suspect issue with ECU based on info on tech info. If no communication with ECU and can lines are not broken, ECU will need to be replaced. Found tech info that showed a test for ECU failure. Tested ohm between pin 6 and 14 (can hi and lo) – 75.5 ohm. Continuity checked can wires from obd2 plug to engine ecu – passed with less than 1ohm of resistance. Suspect ECU has failed and will need to be replaced in order to diagnose further.
    • Installed new ECU and attempted to connect and program. Cannot communicate with ECU. Was able to connect and read other modules, BCM and TCM both have missing info from ECU as well as U1000 fault stored – CAN comm fault.
    • Using factory nissan programing software attempted to program blank ECU. Nissan software continually shuts off trying to detect ecu and find ecu part number to begin flashing. Contacted nissan customer service 7/11 and got a response requesting more information 7/12. Emailed all info that was requested including screenshots 7/12. Awaiting response to be able to further troubleshoot and program ECU. After waiting for 4 weeks with no support, tech support finally responded with irrelevant information for issues with the flash software. After making multiple attempts to program and continuing software issues and no support, the customer decided to have the car towed to a dealership to complete the programming and for further diagnosis if needed. Old ECU is in passenger seat, new ECU is completely installed.
    Tim S. gave our service a 5 star review on 9/8/2022
  • 2015 Nissan Altima

    Nissan Altima
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Car was towed in and confirm it will not move. Was able to get car off truck and jacked up each corner. Found each caliper is very tight like pedal is depressed. Brake pedal is depressed a small amount and will not return. Suspect mechanical issue in pedal or master cylinder. C1142 fault o/a After sitting in the shop for a couple of hours, brake pedal returned to normal position and brakes where no longer stuck. We test drove around the block and no issues where present.
    • Car did not start in a.m after sitting for a couple of days. Had to jump lamp switch under dash to get it to unlock shifter and start up. Removed switch and tested the brake switch on the bench and it did pass. Re-installed brake switch and car started multiple times without issue. tested 2nd switch above the stop lamp switch and it passed test, and showed up on live data reading as operating. Removed and Tested brake pedal position switch mounted above the stop lamp switch – passed. (off/on switch per info from nissan). This switch required some adjustment on re-installation to get to work correctly and ensure pedal contact. Read ABScodes again, found PAST codes: C1198 Vac sensor circuit C1116 Stop lamp switch Cleared codes, test drove again, brakes worked without drag, Re scanned whole car, no codes returned after test drive. Brake system functions completely normal at this time. Only issue intermittently present is the stop lamp switch causing an intermittent no start condition. Brakes have not locked up since car was dropped off and car sat in shop for a couple of hours without being moved.
    • Replaced brake switch. Car started right up 8/25 after new switch was installed. Test drove, stopped several times, shut off and restarted every time. Unable to duplicate brake binding issue again. Car did not start in am of 8/26 after sitting over night, after replacing brake switch with new. Did code scan and found no codes in any module. Live data showed brake switches working as should, and pressure switch signal was present. After several minutes and several attempts to start, it finally unlocked the shifter w brake pedal application and car started – did not have to jump the switch. Once the car starts it seems to not have an issue again until sitting over night. Pedal felt normal with no brake drag. ever since brakes released after car was dropped off from tow truck.
    • Intermittently the car will not start, usually after sitting over night. If you attempt to start it several times, then wait a few minutes and try again it will start. Once it has started the first time, it will always start throughout the day. Found when no start present, stop lamp switch does not read in scan tool – jumped terminals – still no signal to abs module. 12v is present during this time. Signal is not being seen by ABS module or wire has poor connection at module or wire is faulty. C1116 – stop lamp switch – fault returns after attempting to start with no success as "past" meaning that fault is present only when no start condition exists.
    Don M. gave our service a 5 star review on 8/30/2022
  • 2012 Nissan Altima

    Nissan Altima
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Stored fault: P0101 Mass air flow sensor/circuit (bank 1) Monitored MAF sensor data – sensor reads right on the high side of spec. Pinned out wiring between sensor and engine ECM – all wiring okay. Recommend replacing sensor. Customer approved sensor replacement. Replace sensor, clear faults and test drive. Replaced mass air flow sensor with new and test drove. No CEL and car drove very well. If fault returns there is an update required from Nissan for this issue after new sensor is installed that may be needed, but only if fault returns.
    Russ K. gave our service a 5 star review on 4/25/2022
  • 2010 Nissan Frontier

    Nissan Frontier
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Engine runs OK o/a, several lights on dash. CEL, TPMS, BRAKE lights o/a. Scanned and found several faults: P0448 Vent Control Valve P0340 Camshaft position sensor problem, B1 C1130 Engine 1 fuel cut system fauld Monitored engine data while engine running, when engine stumbles and dies, bank 1 cam position sensor shows erratic data. When reading is irregular engine struggles to start. Crank position sensor (rpm) seems steady and consistant. Per nissan, when an issue with one of the cam position sensors arrises, they recommend replacing both cam sensors and the crank position sensor as all are common failure items. Recommend starting with sensors due to age and erratic readings. If bank 1 readings do not improce, further investigation into cam adjusters and solenoid will be required.
    • Replaced suspected bad cam sensor and test drove. Data from sensor was within 2-3 deg of other cam sensor and zero deviation. No stumbling or dying during an hour of run time + test driving. After confirming sensor was fix, replaced other cam sensor.
    • Replaced crankshaft position sensor
    Bob C. gave our service a 5 star review on 8/28/2021