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2015 Volkswagen Jetta


Volkswagen Jetta

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  • 3 Faults stored in engine module o/a: 009218 – EVAP Leak Detection Pump Control Circuit P2402 – 000 – Short to Plus 009226 – EVAP System Leak Detection Pump Heater Control Circuit P240A – 000 – Open Circuit 001095 – Control Circuit for EVAP Vent Control P0447 – 000 – Open Circuit Bulb out warning on in dash – customer states this is intermittent. Coolant level low o/a – almost to low mark. Performed cooling system pressure test and topped up coolant as needed. Oil filter leaking o/a – removed and found filter had been previously damaged, looks like it was trying to be removed with pliers. Filter was VERY over tightened. Filter was damaged further during removal. Found oil cooler nut was loose, tightened and installed new filter – no more oil leak. Cleaned under tray from oil drip as well as area around leak. Noise from rear brakes audible o/a – removed DS rear wheel and found a bunch of debris and sand behind rotor. Cleaned and noises stopped. Removed EVAP purge valve and tested – does not hold vac on either side when valve is closed. Performed actuation test via scan tool and valve opens/closes on command. Recommend new valve due to leak. Burned out RF DRL lamp. Only comes on with ignition on, not on from the light switch. Have to pull bumper skin and H/L assembly to get to the bulb. Cigarette lighter not working. Found blown fuse in interior fuse panel. Had a blown 30 amp fuse in it, calls for a 20amp. Also has interior lamps on same circuit. Replaced with 20 amp fuse, lighter and lights came back on. Fixed. Do not put bigger fuse as replacement.
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